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Four years
→four cities.

Study in a different destination in each academic year.

The Official European Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation.

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Date: 12th of March

Time: 5pm CEST (10am Mexico / 5pm Germany / 11pm Singapore)

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This is what our
team entrepreneurs say about us

Welcome to
your future journey

Study in a different destination in each academc year.

1st year


✔️ Meet your international classmates
✔️ Learn and develop cooperative values
✔️ Build your own team-company
✔️ Start experimenting different business fields through real projects

2nd year


✔️ Get closer to your passions
✔️ Experiment one the most creative startup cities in the world
✔️ Grow your international network
✔️ Develop purpose driven projects

3rd year

#SeoulLab #ShangaiLab

✔️ Masterize you learning methods
✔️ Understand the Asian market
✔️ Innovate as a company
✔️ Scale up your projects

4th year

#The world is your playground

✔️ Dive into the Startup process
✔️ Develop your final degree project
✔️ Get your official Bachelors' Degree
✔️ Build the profession of your dreams that contributes to the world

Want to be an entrepreneur
in the Creative & Cultural



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