The Official European Bachelors’ Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (LEINN) is created to cope with one of the greatest challenges of today: educating for the needs of people, business and society of the 21st century.

To achieve this, LEINN bases its educational strategy on a radical change in the methodology of university studies and uses a system that has been developed successfully in Finland during the past 30 years by Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia, TA), in the Entrepreneurship Center of excellence of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland. In Spain, the University of Mondragon has applied and expanded this methodology for the last 15 years.

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LEINN program is based on three key pillars: learning by doing, team entrepreneurship and a whole year international stays. LEINN International is a four-year-challenge of intense dynamic and exciting work, where you will learn entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork by creating your own company with a multicultural team and having life-changing experiences all around the world. People who embark on this journey become world citizens with a global vision and with the ability to translate this knowledge into projects that can change their environment for good, team entrepreneurs with strong social values who understand the company as an instrument to transform society.

Team Learning by Creating

Teampreneurship is one of the main foundations of the degree. We multiply team talent to develop better ideas: it's the way to take projects further. You will create your own team learning company and put knowledge into practice to generate value in society. Learn from successes and mistakes through real projects that require capacity and courage. We do, we create and learn as a team.

International training

We encourage international experiences to enrich the experience and growth of each LEINNer. Mixing different people, cultures, languages and ideologies means possibilities at the global level and a new range of perspectives.


Each LEINNer is different and unique, that is why there are not two identical learning paths. Our curriculum responds to the individual concerns of the entrepreneurs and the needs of their projects.

Passion and enthusiasm

What is your passion? Our starting point is always the desire that the LEINNers experiment how to learn in a team with the same drive and passion that it happens in sport teams, bands or cultural groups.



LEINN Internationals’ application and admission process is a merit driven process based on interviews and small challenges. The application process is normally taken forward in online format, and may be complemented by a face to face interview in case we have our labs close to your location.

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#1 Work on the Application Materials

We want to know more about you and your background, your dreams and expectations. We are willing to learn how you see the world and which are your entrepreneurial ideas. Fill the form to get your application materials.

#2 Interview with the LEINN International Team Coaches

This will be a one to one conversation, where you will be asked about the materials you have created, and where you will also have the space to ask questions.

#3 Validate your academic records and do the official registration and paperwork

Once you are accepted in LEINN International, we will activate your journey for you to start the degree in September.

& Finance

The tuition fee is 10.850€ per year including flights. This means we take you to the destination of your studies and back to your hometown when the academic year ends.

We have created an estimation of the costs of studying in LEINN International, taking into account the tuition fee, living costs, accommodation, visa and insurance. 


The tuition fees for each year cost 10.850€ which includes tuition and one return long-haul flight.


Around 600€ per year.


From 0-200€ per year, depending on your country of origin.


Around 350€-400€ per month.

living expenses

Around 250€ per month.

*LEINN International Loan
There is a limited amount of financial aid granted yearly. Once you have been accepted to the degree you can apply for a LEINN International Loan.

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