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Meet the International LEINNers

Currently at LEINN International we have more than 20 nationalities learning and working together. The program was launched in September 2016, since then more than 100 teampreneurs have experienced the degree.

Nicole Flamarique

She is Nicole Flamarique from S:AE Team Company and co-founder of The Good Goal App.

Ania Montoya

“We learn about entrepreneurship and business building, not through teachers and classes, but building startups with a multicultural team”

Sebastian Ruiz

Sebasti√°n, Travelling University 2020 Cohort, tells us how has been working, living and growing in Bilbao during his first months in the University. He has experienced one of the most important moments during the Degree here: the creation of ZAREN, the Team Company that will be their learning tool from now on.

2016 Cohort graduation

In this video we have almost all the protagonists from ABORA the day of their Graduation in Bilbao. Watch what has been for them being part of this first Generation of LEINN International.

Current projects at
LEINN International

In LEINN International the heart of the learning process is of course the people that are part of the program, the teams that they create, as well as the sort of entrepreneurial projects they bring to life.

The projects are one of the main learning ingredients that challenge you to learn more, read more and build connections and professional networks. In entrepreneurial projects we always analyse their impact, aiming to create a positive economical, environmental, and social impact.

The Gravity Wave

The Gravity Wave collects plastic from the Mediterranean Sea with traditional fishermen and transform the plastic waste into sustainable products. They produce everything in Spain, and they also sell plastic certificates for corporations and final customers, as well as working with companies that want to contribute to the cleaning of the oceans. Join the wave!

OX Motorcycles

OX Motorcycles is the Spanish brand of 100% electric motorbikes with Cafe Racer aesthetics, intelligent and connected. Autonomy 110km, charge 2 hours.

My Way Heels

My Way believes that comfort and style must go alongside. In order to provide that belief they are working on the development of some interchangeable high heels. A pair of sandals which you can take off their heel and change it for a flatter one.

The Good Goal

The app that helps the users know the impact of their actions and improve their habits in an accessible, easy and motivating way. The new normal will be sustainable or it won’t be. Do you accept the challenge?


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