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Scholarship Application

The Travelling U scholarship program is designed to enable access to our official undergraduate degree in a situation where it would no other way be possible to attend. There is a limited amount of scholarships yearly available that are based on need and merit.

The Official European Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation.

Five reasons to enroll in LEINN International


Multicultural team

Learn and live with people from different cultures. Experience real diversity that will change your state of mind.


More than travelling

Live, learn and immerse yourself in 4 different citiesEach academic year the cohort travels together to a new destination. 


for real

Create a startup and develop real projects in teams. Learn, develop and know yourself.


Create your international network


Aim for positive impact

We believe in entrepreneurship as a tool to gently shift the world for better. 

Meet the
International LEINNers

Nicole Flamarique

She is Nicole Flamarique from S:AE Team Company and co-founder of The Good Goal App.

Ania Montoya

“We learn about entrepreneurship and business building, not through teachers and classes, but building startups with a multicultural team”

Sebastian Ruiz

“Knowing this many people from different countries has been amazing”

Welcome to
your future journey

Study in a different destination in each academc year.

1st year


✔️ Meet your international classmates
✔️ Learn and develop cooperative values
✔️ Build your own team-company
✔️ Start experimenting different business fields through real projects

2nd year


✔️ Get closer to your passions
✔️ Experiment one the most creative startup cities in the world
✔️ Grow your international network
✔️ Develop purpose driven projects

3rd year

#SeoulLab #ShangaiLab

✔️ Masterize you learning methods
✔️ Understand the Asian market
✔️ Innovate as a company
✔️ Scale up your projects

4th year

#The world is your playground

✔️ Dive into the Startup process
✔️ Develop your final degree project
✔️ Get your official Bachelors' Degree
✔️ Build the profession of your dreams that contributes to the world

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