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4th Generation LEINN International

This week, we would like to introduce our team companies Angkor and Kairos from LEINN International 4th generation (read more about LEINN International here). They started their journey in the city of Shanghai, China in 2019 without knowing each other and expecting to make the world theirs. Today, we will dive deep into where they are after 6 months, several projects, and learning experiences.

Angkor Company

Angkor is more than a startup or a small company, Angkor is a learning tool that eleven international entrepreneurs develop for helping them to grow themselves. Not only as global citizens but also as humans with a single purpose.

Kairos Company

Kairos is also a team company in 4th generation in LEINN International with Angkor. Their vision is to make a rainy impact in every market they operate in, Rainy impact represents creating impacts with a balance between social value and economical growth. Their mission is to follow the key concept from Mondragon Coop. meaning every Kairos member must be on the same page and everyone should take the ‘elevator to the sun’ all together at the same time. Secondly, we are very passionate entrepreneurs so any action they take, they want to make the best out of it and Go For More.


Even though they are two different team companies, both companies collaborate and work closely together for the following projects conducted. In Covid-19, they also implement tools for remote work actively to communicate between 4 different countries.


They believe regular single-color socks are no longer an option. Traditional sock represented a monotonous office life with the same dress code. But today people believe in themselves, people are willing to take risks and do what they are passionate about, people have the desire to show the world what they are capable of, today we see how these people do things in a way different in all aspects of life, so it is not a secret that this group of people show themselves even by the way they dress differently, today they express who they are and they are not afraid to show it. Find out more here!

Myway, a revolutionary high heels brand under the umbrella of the team is to empower every woman to step in their day a day life with security, style, and self-confidence through high heels. They’ve opened a crowdfunding campaign for people to be able to invest in their project in exchange for rewards.


NABIYA is an opportunity for everyone to find their hidden passion. Their mission is everyone, everywhere to have the chance to become the most creative version of themselves. They have experienced a huge wall between society and potential artists. They aspire to break down this barrier in order to empower young artists to believe in themselves and follow their dreams by creating a community of professional artists, potential artists, and students through organizing epic events to inspire young generations to open up their extraordinary ideas without a feeling of not belonging.


Cinamons is a platform that sells sustainable and organic period products and shares information about menstruation and sex education. They aim not only to sell the products but also to serve online consultation, campaign, workshop to ‘open a conversation’ about it. They started this company with many questions as ‘Why can’t people have the right to choose safe and different types of period products? ‘Why is there a taboo of period and social concept of virginity?’ ‘Why do we have to create a big amount of garbage just because we have a period?’ ‘Why can’t we have safe sex-education?’

You can read more about LEINN International by following the link in “Read more” below. In the meantime, we will keep updating you about the movement these young entrepreneurs have created; we know it has just started.

When will it stop? We’re sure not soon, in the upcoming months we will see, hear, and experience much more coming from them…

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